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Your next Turnaround may be the biggest event your company will have all year and you need a company you can trust. We manage all aspects of Turnaround events from planning and project controls to execution. With our strength and experience, we have the foresight to keep your project on track and running smoothly so you can be back to production as quickly as possible.

Years of experience throughout western Canada

BP Mechanical & Consulting is a Canadian-owned company that has been leading projects and Turnaround events in the oilfield, petroleum, and petrochemical industry since 2003.

The owners at BP Mechanical have all worked in the field and know firsthand what it takes to complete jobs safely, on time, and on budget. BP Mechanical is an established Turnaround and Project company that can handle large Turnaround events, and is known for quality.

We have no intentions on becoming the biggest, just on continuing to be the best.



We can scale up to a 400+ skilled workforce so we can take on any project no matter the size.


Leak Rate

When you hire BP Mechanical, you can trust the start-up is leak-free


Workforce Return Rate

80% of our workforce returns year after year. They know and deliver the quality of work that BP mechanical stands for.

Turnaround events & services

Turnaround events & services

We are a full service Turnaround company that can coordinate, plan, and execute Shutdowns, Outages, and Projects. With our highly skilled team, we can tailor each project structure to meet the individual needs and budgets of our clients.

  • Turnaround/Shutdown/Outage Events
  • Turnaround Planning
  • Project Controls
  • Tower Maintenance & Servicing
  • Bundle Pulling

Leak-Free Commitment

Leaks are costly and dangerous, so why settle for anything less than a zero leak rate? Our commitment to safety is not just something we say — it is our promise. When you hire BP Mechanical, you can trust the start-up is leak-free.

A Work Force Like No Other


Our top management has experience in the field and on the client side, which means we understand what you need and we know how to make it happen efficiently.

Projects of all sizes

Projects of all sizes

We have a core team of experienced managers and have the ability to quickly scale up to a team of 400 for any size job.

Expert crew

With 80% of our workforce returning year after year, we have created a solid team of experienced workers committed to BP Mechanical high standards of safety and quality.

Expert crew

Industries We Serve


Oil & Gas




Petro Chemical


Commitment to Safety

Our commitment to safety is not just what we say — it is our promise.

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We want to hear from you

It is our mission to understand your full project requirements so we can provide the right plan to ensure minimal downtime and get you back to production as quick as possible.