Coordination, Project Management, and Execution

Coordination, Project Management, and Execution

Turnarounds are high-risk/high-spend projects that need trusted people. At BP Mechanical our core business is Turnarounds and Shutdowns, it’s what we do! With our experience, we can manage all aspects of your next Turnaround event.

Turnarounds & Shutdown Maintenance by Professionals

Turnarounds & Shutdown Maintenance by Professionals

Effective planning and execution of Turnarounds is what we do! We have the management, supervision and trades people with the experience to assist you in achieving a safe and successful Turnaround.
With our vast Turnaround experience, we are prepared for every situation with precise execution. This knowledge allows us to better predict what to expect and quickly adapt to any changes that may arise.

Turnaround Services

  • Turnaround Project Management
  • Area Coordinators
  • Planners
  • Schedulers
  • Quality Control
  • Project Control/Cost Tracking
  • Operations Support
  • Logistics Coordination
  • 3rd Party Coordination
  • Procurement

Maintenance Crew

  • Superintendents
  • General Foremans
  • Foreman
  • Pipefitters
  • Boilermaker
  • Welders
  • Labours
  • Shop & Onsite Fabrication
  • Tower Technicians

Leak-Free Commitment

Leaks are costly and dangerous, so why settle for anything less than a zero leak rate? Our commitment to safety is not just something we say — it is our promise. When you hire BP Mechanical, you can trust the start-up is leak-free.

Choose BP Mechanical

Choose BP Mechanical

We know what you need

Our top management has experience in the field and on the client side, so we know what your expectations are and we work to achieve it.

We are cost effective

We work with you to meet your project requirements and budget.

Quick Ramp ups

We have the capacity to put together large experienced crews and mobilize efficiently.

Our Owners are on site

Our owners are fully committed to our shutdowns and have an extensive turnaround experience. You will regularly see us at the outage to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Open and transparent Communication

We maintain an effective communication model for our team to keep you regularly informed on the progress of every project.

Start-up that is leak-free

Imagine your start-up being leak-free! With our promise of quality and safety we are committed to making your start-up leak-free.

We can do it all



Planning / Scheduling


Need a Customized Solution?

With our skilled team we can customize how we work, to fit your needs. Whether you need planning or mechanical execution, we provide the project consultation to help customize your project.

Additional services

Additional services

BP Mechanical is your full-service provider and is equipped to offer services such as bundle pulling, tower servicing, and equipment rental. Also, if you are looking for a short-term resource to support with Project Controls or a specific contractor job, we have the right fit.

Tower Maintenance & Servicing

Tower Maintenance & Servicing

Bundle Pulling

Bundle Pulling

Consulting & Short Term Resource Solutions

Consulting & Short Term Resource Solutions

Plant De-Commissioning

Industries We Serve


Oil & Gas




Petro Chemical


We want to hear from you

It is our mission to understand your full project requirements so we can provide the right plan to ensure minimal downtime and get you back to production as quick as possible.